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Re: [Condor-users] Behaviour of Windows "copy" command?

On 6/27/05, Rob Fletcher <rpf1@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> If I submit a simple windows batch jop thus:
> rem Test file copy operations
> rem
> rem
> echo Testing 0 > %CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%test0.txt
> copy test0.txt test1.txt
> copy %CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%test0.txt %CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%test2.txt
> copy test0.txt c:\windows\temp\test3.txt
> copy c:\windows\temp\test3.txt %CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%test3.txt
> copy test0.txt c:\condor\execute\test4.txt
> copy c:\condor\execute\test4.txt %CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%test4.txt
> I happily receive back the files ... test0.txt test1.txt and test2.txt
> any files which are copied around do not come back!
> The file test3.txt is created in c:\windows\temp, but is not copied back
> to the scratch dir and then onto the submitter!
> But, I see no file in c:\condor\execute at all ...
> Any ideas? I need to copy files around as I have software with hard coded
> paths for its output files and need to copy them to the temporary condor
> execute folder for automagic file transfer back to the submitter ...

What does the std err and std out say. I'm guessing the executing user
may not have access to c:\windows\temp (or indeed other directories
outside the scratch dir).

Plus you should be aware that it is dangerous to assume that
c:\condor\execute is the base of your scratch dir or that it even
exists. Unless you have total control over the execution environment.
Many machines in our pool ended up having their execute directories
moved to more sizable disks than c: