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RE: [Condor-users] Running Condor on laptops.

> We're trying to Condor on our laptops but the problem is that our
> all have desktop firewalls installed. We'd need to work out what's the
> minimum change we'd need to do to make this work neatly. 

Since Condor version 6.6.7, I believe that the Condor daemons add
themselves as exceptions to the Windows firewall.  Apparently there were
some issues with the implementation (something about boot ordering) that
are fixed with 6.6.10 (the latest stable version).

> In addition, the
> desktop firewalls on our laptop machines are picking up Condor's
> broadcasting as a Fraggle attack (repeated broadcast packets). Is
> any way to prevent the Condor master from broadcasting? Given that our
> network is worldwide the broadcast problem might be a significant
> clogging up our international links. Any sort of help is greatly
> appreciated. Cheers.

Broadcasting?  That's odd, I don't believe that the daemons broadcast
anything.  AFAIK what you see is them trying to send UDP packets to the

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