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Re: [Condor-users] Benchmarking condor

Hello, Matt

Take a look at the sum of:
condor_status -format "vm%d@" VirtualMachineId -format "%s " Machine
-format "%d " KFlops -format "%d\n" Mips

The KFlops/MIPS values are about as useful as BogoMIPS et al. i.e.
useful only as a vague indicator of relative raw CPU performance.

The best way to benchmark your pool is to take the suite of
applications you run on it and run each one in some well defined,
repeatable and close to reality mode then see how long the jobs take
to finish.

This is my actual problem. As you say, Mips, Flops and so on only measure CPU power, and that's not that important. From my point of view the best measure would be one which said something like "if you run your bunch of software in our cluster instead of your computer you'll do X times faster. Obviously the best (and maybe only) way to do this is actually running the software.
I've been told to look for a standard of this kind of measure, but I've found nothing. I can simulate it by running LINPACK-like benchmarks both in local and sending it to the cluster a number of times, but I'd like to know if there's something better. I've read about SPEChpc2002, but it's not free...

Any of you know any other cluster benchmark?

Juan Ignacio Sánchez Lara
Ingeniero Técnico en Informática de Sistemas