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Re: [Condor-users] mini-survey - windows users - what s/w do your users use?

Basically anything that is command line based and has a decent amount of forethought as to working with batch systems should work with condor just fine.

I've used/tested the following with condor at various facilities that I've worked at:

Terragen  - Windows,Mac
LightWave - Windows, Mac
Maya - Windows,Linux,Mac
Shake - Windows, Mac
Pixar RenderMan - Windows
Digital Fusion - Windows
Mental Ray - Windows - Linux
After Effects Windows
XSI - Windows - Linux
Nuke - Windows


Rob Fletcher wrote:

Hi all,

Sorry to snaffle bandwidth, but I would be interested in getting a view
from the pool of condor "experts".

I would like to build a list of software packages that people find they
are able to run successfully on Windows systems (xp or 2000) via condor

Please DO NOT include home rolled software, as we can all assume this
works (and has no bugs whatsoever!).

For a quick start I have run very successfully (after setting up a C:\temp
on all machines!) a program to generate animation frames (flyovers, cloud
movements, sun movement etc):

terragen (from www.planetside.com) - a terrain generator (but will import
dem's for "real" terrains)



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