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[Condor-users] put_file error code

I have a user with the following problem
>From the Starter log:

3/3 02:56:16 Create_Process succeeded, pid=932
3/3 03:53:38 DaemonCore: Command received via UDP from host <>
3/3 03:53:38 DaemonCore: received command 60001 (DC_PROCESSEXIT),
calling handler (HandleProcessExitCommand())
3/3 03:53:38 Process exited, pid=932, status=0
3/3 03:53:39 ReliSock: put_file: Failed to open file
d:/condor/execute\dir_1696\foo-bar.tgz, errno = 2.
3/3 03:53:39 ERROR "DoUpload: Failed to send file
d:/condor/execute\dir_1696\foo-bar.tgz, exiting at 1386
" at line 1385 in file ..\src\condor_c++_util\file_transfer.C
3/3 03:53:39 ShutdownFast all jobs.
3/3 03:53:39 Error disabling account condor-reuse-vm2 (ACCESS DENIED)

Clearly some serious problem going on there. I'm guessing it is
something with the local machine rather thana condor issue per se but
could someone say* what the ReliSock: put_file: error code 2 is
(permissions? os says file doesn't exist?) and if it is likely to be
linked to the failure to disable the reuse vm?*


* Better yet if someone fancied taking Alan's lovely crib sheet on error codes


and updating it** with these (and others) then I wouldn't have to ask.

** Or if you could open source it I could have a look at the line
number and find out from the source :)