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Re: [Condor-users] put_file error code

On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 17:46:57 +0000  Matt Hope wrote:

> Clearly some serious problem going on there. I'm guessing it is
> something with the local machine rather thana condor issue per se but
> could someone say* what the ReliSock: put_file: error code 2 is
> (permissions? os says file doesn't exist?)

whenever you see "errno = X" in a condor log file, that's just
whatever errno we got back from the OS.  so, you can look in
/usr/include/errno.h to find out what the errno really means to your
machine.  some of the places where we get an error, we actually print
out the "error string" (i.e. what strerror(errno) returns), but not
always.  there's nothing magic or hidden about the errno codes, you
can just find them yourself...

sorry we don't always print the human-readable error string, we're
slowly converting them whenever we get the chance...


p.s. of course, everything is different on windows. :(  there is no
/usr/include/errno.h you can look in.  i know windows has a notion of
the errno, and that's what we print out, but honestly, i have no idea
where you can look to map those into human-readable errors.  perhaps
someone who knows something about windows could help out with this
mystery. ;)