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Re: [Condor-users] pb of job submission on windows machine


I guess I'd like to know why your condor daemons themselves need access to the network. The jobs themselves run as a separate user, which can access network resources when it has the appropriate credentials.

If you're attempting to keep the daemon log files on a network volume, I would discourage it due to complications that can arise with file locking (among other things).

If you're attempting to keep the daemon binaries on a network volume, you can use null-sessions to accomplish this. Null sessions allow unauthenticated users to access resources, which is unsafe, but depending on your environment may not be the end of the world. See:


For more information.

As a last resort, if you insist on running your daemons as your 'Condor' user, then you must make sure it has Administrator privileges. With regards to the error you're seeing, the function that is failing is actually CreateProcessAsUser(). According to Microsoft, the caller should have SE_ASSIGNPRIMARYTOKEN_NAME and SE_INCREASE_QUOTA_NAME privileges in order for it to complete successfully. Perhaps that is what your 'Condor' user is missing.