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Re: RE : [Condor-users] pb of job submission on windows machine

On Fri, 4 Mar 2005 09:30:44 +0100, Régis Baudu
<Regis.Baudu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In fact, I just want the program, started by condor on the windows machine, accessed files which are on a mounted drive (using samba).
> The condor daemons and the program executes locally on the windows machine, let's say c: drive; and the program read and write on a linux filesystem I have previously mounted using samba (net use w: \\mylinuxmachine\tmpcondor).
> When I try with the condor service started under 'local system', I get an error of the form: 'w:\test\mytest.txt : No such file or directory' and the file is there.

When you say previously mounted with net use do you mean your jobs do
this in a batch script or that you did this on the machines as a
different user?

If it was the former what credentials are you supplying (since your
reuse-vmX users will not be members of any domain it is likely that
they have no access to this share without it)

If the latter then the reuse-vmX will certainly not have access to
those mount points - you have to put the net use in the job or make
some permanant modifications to the reuse accounts to give them access
(In the end I found it much easier to put the net use with embedded
passwords in the batch file)

I suggest that whatever you do you do a 

echo "dir listing w:"
dir w:
echo "dir listing w:\test"
dir w:\test

And see what the os can actually find (I'm guessing nothing)