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Re: [Condor-users] run more than one jobs

On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 11:59, Chaitanya Hazarey wrote:

I have got a pool of 3 Machines running Condor , 1 Master and 2
Slaves. When I submit the jobs, the jobs execute only on one machine.
Is it possible to execute more than one jobs on a single machine
parallely ?
It is not like one job on one machine.It is like one job on one CPU.Now lets say u have 3 machine with one cpu each and
u want to execute your job haveing 3 instances at the same time then it can be done parallely on each machine having one cpu each.

Now what if machine no1 is having 4 cpus yes ucan again do it on it only but u have to use the virtual mcahine variable in the requirement field (if condor is not doing it for you automatically)

The bottom line is everything depends upon the customization u have done in the condor_config.
The next problem is that If I submit the MPI Universe Jobs then, the
jobs do not execute at all but just are kept idle. The only time they
execute is when I put the machine requirements as 1 Machine, Is there
any way to diagnose this problem ?
Read the shadow log and the o/p of the condor_analyze tool to diagnose why it is behaving like so.



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