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Re: [Condor-users] Unable to Flock jobs to a remote sched

On Tue, 8 Mar 2005, Srirangam Addepalli wrote:

> I was trying to flock jobs to a different sched on a different machine
> on a entirely
> differnet network.
> When i do a condor_status -p systemname.edu i am able to c all the
> systems in the condor pool on the other side.
> Following were the error in both cases.
> C:\>condor_submit -r FQDN( systemname) name.sub
> ERROR: Can't find address of schedd systemname
> C:\>condor_submit -r System name.sub
> condor_submit: unknown host System
> Does something else need to be modified besides flock_to and flock from
> in condor_config.

With flocking, you still submit your jobs to your local schedd. Then, if
your schedd can't find enough resources to run all your jobs in your local
pool, it'll start asking for resources in the remote pool as well.

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