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[Condor-users] Survey on Grid Fault Treatment

Hello! My name is Alexandre Nóbrega Duarte. I am a Ph.D. student at the Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil, under the supervision of Prof. Walfredo Cirne and Prof. Francisco Vilar Brasileiro. We're investigating failures on Grids and since Grids are more complex than tradictional systems, failures may be tougher to identify and correct.

We conducted a survey two years ago to understand how people was dealing with failures in Grids and what was they main concerns about it. You can find the previous results here.

Also, we have developed an open source tool called GridDoctor for diagnosing faults in grids based on the survey results. This tool was embedded in a grid broker called MyGrid. See http://www.ourgrid.org for more information. There is also a beta version able to diagnose faults in the Globus GRAM service.

Now, we are trying to identify how grid failure treatment has evolved in the last two years. To do so, we´ve devised this simple questionnaire.
If you are a Grid user, developer or administrator, please respond to our survey. We need your help to capture the actual experience from those who effectively use Grids. It won't take more than a minute. (It's only 7 multiple-choice questions :-))

Of course, answers will be taken anonymously. If you are interested on the results of this research, feel free to contact me at alex@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Thanks a lot!!!
Alexandre :-)

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