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Re: [Condor-users] Why is JobPrio limited to [-20:20]?

Peter F. Couvares wrote:
I believe Condor's 40-slot queue priority range was design to mimic the unix process priority range -- but I agree this can be constraining, and I'm not sure it makes sense anymore.
As it happens, it's already on my plate to extend the queue priority range to any integer value, for other reasons. I can't promise a date (it probably won't happen before Condor Week), but I'll do my best to fit it in soon...

In fact, I just committed this feature to the Condor 6.7.6 release candidate, which should see the light of day by Condor Week.

So Real Soon Now (tm) you will be able to specify any integer value for a condor job's queue priority in the schedd.

Thanks for the nudge!


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