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[Condor-users] DAG submit file question

I was wondering whether it was possible to specify a URL (GridFTP) in a DAG submit file to specify the location of input files needed by executables? We are using the Globus universe and the Condor jobmanager in our environment.

Our use case has submit machines separate from data repository machines and we'd like to be able to submit jobs (via. DAGs) so that programs may act upon data copied directly from the data repository (i.e the input data file should be copied directly from the data repository node to where the job is being executed). As I understand it, Condor only copies input data files from the submit node to the execute node and not from a "third party node". Our data files are quite large and I'd like to minimize the number of copies and avoid having to copy the data file locally before submitting the job.

I suppose I could use a PRE script to use globus-url-copy to stage the data before execution begins. Would this be the right way of doing it?