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Re: [Condor-users] How do I stop a preemption claim once it's been started?


I think you already know this, but in case you don't, the schedd should automatically timeout on the claim and get a new one. The default timeout is 30 minutes (REQUEST_CLAIM_TIMEOUT).

If you want to force an immediate retry, your idea of putting the job on hold might work, but I haven't yet been able to spot the place in the code where the match is actually deleted in this case...


Ian Chesal wrote:

I have a schedd that's been told it can preempt a running job for one
it's queued jobs. It was a mistake in my pre-negotiation startd sort
function that lead to this. I've updated the sort function. But how do I
tell that schedd that I want to forget about the current preempting
claim (which could take a long time because we use a long retirement
time for our vanilla jobs) and have it renegotiate for another machine?
Can I simple put the job on hold? Will this cancel the preemption claim?

- Ian

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