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[Condor-users] Threads and LoadAvg/CondorLoadAvg on IRIX

Are there any known issues with threads and LoadAvg/CondorLoadAvg on IRIX?

I have jobs running that spawn a background thread, which performs most of the work. On Linux Condor's TotalLoadAvg and TotalCondorLoadAvg are fine (same value). But on IRIX TotalLoadAvg is high and TotalCondorLoadAvg is nearly 0. As a consequence, the IRIX machine is not fully utilized because Condor wrongly estimates the non-condor system load.

I'm running condor 6.6.8 on an IRIX 6.5.25m system with 20 CPUs. The application uses pthreads and is built with the MIPSpro Compiler. The job is started in the vanilla univers. The application's start script execs to the real binary.


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