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Re: [Condor-users] KILL expression !!

Matt Hope <matthew.hope@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...you will see that the KILL expression manages the transition
> between preempting (Vacating) and preemptiong (Killing). to be
> used it must frst get intot he preempting (vacating) state.
> the one you likely want is PREEMPT (you may keep your existing
> KILL or just make it TRUE)

Indeed.  KILL is never considered until PREEMPT has become true.

If you never want to PREEMPT, just KILL, either do as Matt

> PREEMPT = (CurrentTime - JobStart) < 60

Basically identical is using WANT_VACATE to skip the KILL step
(in essence, turning PREEMPT into KILL):

> PREEMPT = (CurrentTime - JobStart) < 60
> # KILL = TRUE # No longer matters

There is no effective difference, they just logically mean
slightly different things.  The first means, "Once I've decided
to preempt a job, start vacating it and immediately kill it."
The second means, "Never try to vacate a job, just kill it."

I suppose the first technique does have a small chance of a job
successfully vacating; there may be very small window between
starting vacating and getting around killing the job.

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