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Re: [Condor-users] Customizing the environment the job runs in

Terrence Martin <tmartin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> However for some things the wrapper might be too late. The problem I am 
> running into is that part of the startup of the condor job includes 
> trying to open two files, one for STDIN, the other for STDERR. These two 
> files may not be "writable" at the time condor checks them, but they 
> will be at some point before the job starts up. The problem is the jobs 
> may fail to start since these files are not readable before my wrapper 
> runs.

If I understand correctly, your problem is that you're asking
Condor to hand your job stdin from one file and write stderr to
another.  These files aren't available until your wrapper runs
and sets them up, but Condor needs them to start your wrapper.

There isn't a way to disable the "checking" Condor does.  Condor
needs to open both files immediately since the stdin is provided
to your wrapper and any stderr from your wrapper goes to the

If I've understood this correctly, my recommendation would be for
your wrapper to handle setting up stdin and stderr to go to the
files you care about.  Then error and input as Condor understands
it will only be used for the wrapper itself.  You'll probably not
specify input and you can stick the error someplace local.

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