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Re: [Condor-users] Absolute and relative paths on Windows.

Hi Matt,

Can I briefly explain what I would like to do with Condor? We have 4
machines and we plan to make one of the machines the Condor master and the
other 3 machines shall be condor slaves and they are dedicated machines just
for the job in hand. We are planning on running 30 batch files on each of
the Condor slave machines and then return the output to the Condor master.
The condor slave machines does nothing but run the batch files. Hopefully
all of this makes sense and I can actually do this with Condor. So I decided
I should have Personal Condor on my own machine and make sure everything's
running fine before porting it to the 4 cluster machines. I've changed my
submit file to reflect the full path of my argument as Alan De Smet
suggested but I'm still not getting any sort of output. On it's own, without
Condor, Ifrf.exe just needs combine.ipf as its argument, and I should get a
bunch of output in the same path as combine.ipf. I would like to use Condor
to do the same thing cos I'll be combining 3 machines together. I realize
this is an easy task cos I'm not really asking the job to do much but I'm
messing up somewhere and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I suspect it's
something to do with the way I'm defining the path to the combine.ipf file.
I really appreciate all of your help so far. Cheers

executable       = Ifrf.exe
universe         = vanilla
transfer_input_files    = C:\ENKF\parameter\combine.ipf
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT
arguments        = combine.ipf
output           = test.out
error            = test.error
log              = test.log

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> On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 17:42:09 -0000, Sanjay Vivek <smv99r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Hi again,
> >
> > I forgot to mention I'm running Personal Condor on my machine. I want to
> > make sure I understand Condor before deploying it on 3 cluster machines.
> > output from the executable should be in "C:\ENKF\parameter" as well. I
> > once the job has finished, the output will automatically be in that
> > This might sound like a really silly question but how do I specify the
> > output to that particular path? Or does Condor not care about that and
> > output will appear in that specified path once the job is completed?
> > again!
> >
> > Sanjay
> I think you may be missing some key points in the way condor behaves.
> Your job (irrespective of whether it is trying to run within a
> personal condor installation or a pool) should NOT expect anything
> from the executing machine unless you explicitly set it up that way.
> The jobs do not run as you, they run as a severely restricted
> temporaray user which likely has no access rights to the location you
> are trying to write to.
> You must submit your job supplying all the data it requires so that it
> can be transferred (hence the transfer files parameter) and they will
> be placed within the relevant directory when it starts with the
> relevant priviledges. The job should write whatever it needs to the
> local directory it is started in and these will be automatically
> transferred back to whatever location you submitted from when the job
> finishes.
> If you wish to deviate from this behaviour be prepared for some tricky
> problems...
> There are ways to jump out of this security 'box' but they all carry
> significant security issues which you should understand before you
> attempt them.
> I would suggest you need to have a more thorough read of the condor
> documentation to understand exactly what condor does when you submit a
> job / when a job you submit starts running on a machine.
> If you have control over the executable you job is running try doing a
> hello world equivalent that lists the contents of the directory that
> it starts in as well as the arguments passed to it to console.out then
> have a look at what you find.
> Likewise try reading somefile you know to be present on the machine
> and trap any errors to console.err, you should see permission related
> errors aplenty
> Matt
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