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[Condor-users] Re: Failover feature in condor 6.7.6


The Negotiator failover feature has indeed been implemented in condor-6.7.6 and
can be used.

The matching manual chapter has not been updated yet and will be updated in
about a week.
For a meanwhile you can get all the required information about HA configuration
from the HA configuration turtorial given during the Condor week 

Additionaly I advise you to download and use the sample local config files for
central manager machines, available from our site (go to download section):

Best regards

--- Gabi Kliot ---

Quoting Prakash Velayutham <prakash.velayutham@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Has the Negotiator failover feature been implemented in condor-6.7.6? If 
> yes, can you please let me know how to configure that?
> Thanks,
> Prakash