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Re: [Condor-users] Trouble with how to submit many jobs through Condor-G

I have installed Condor-6.6.6 with submit-only.And I've finish the testing to submit a globus universe job. Because I know that Condor-G can realize job management.But I don't know how to submit hundred's of jobs together.Shall i type 100 times submit???

We can't tell you exactly what to do--it depends on what sort of work you have to do.

In general, you can have many job submissions from within a single file. You can use the queue command with an argument to do many identical job submissions. Or you can modify the job and resubmit it again in the same file. Something like this:

Universe = globus
Executable = blah
input = input.$(Cluster).$(Process)
output = output.$(Cluster).$(Process)
error = error.$(Cluster).$(Process)

arguments = 1

arguments = 2

arguments = 3

See Section 2.5.1 of the manual for more details: