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Re: [Condor-users] Re: NEVER MIND Condor Bug: Condor Status reatins old machine info after changing OS type.

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 14:52:47 -0800  John Wheez wrote:

> well after 10 minutes it seems the collector cleaned up the info it
> had about the computer and removed the class adds for the linux box
> which had been rebooted as windows.

if your shutdown script gives the startd fair warning and tries to
gracefully shut it down (e.g. SIGTERM, not SIGQUIT or SIGKILL), the
startd will send an ad to the collector to "invalidate" itself so that
it doesn't show up in the collector anymore.  if your machines
regularly reboot to switch OS's, you should think about doing a
"condor_off" a few minutes before the scheduled reboots to give condor
a chance to clean itself up. 

good luck,
-derek (condor team)