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Re: [Condor-users] COD "super user" ?

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 16:52:12 -0500  Maarten Ballintijn wrote:

> Is there a way to configure an account ad super user for COD only?

from the condor source code (6.6.x series, in the startd):

  Claim::ownerMatches( const char* owner )
      if( ! strcmp(c_client->owner(), owner) ) {
          return true;
          // TODO: handle COD_SUPER_USERS
      return false;

(see, we really *ARE* open source) ;)

sorry, the comment tells all.  i meant to add a "COD_SUPER_USERS" at
some point, but never had the chance.  it's a little more complicated
than that code block would imply, but certainly not too hard.

> we need this in 6.6.6 (at RCF / BNL)

it's a new feature, and we don't like adding those to stable release
series (for fear of breaking something else).  we could add it in
6.7.x in time for the 6.8.x stable series, but i don't think we want
to add it to 6.6.10 (unless there's some dire need/emergency that
would require us to do so).  can you upgrade to a 6.7.x release for
this feature?  can you wait until 6.8.0?  perhaps you should open a
condor-admin ticket about this so we can debate where to add this
feature off-line...

> It also seems that FS_REMOTE_DIR does not work for COD?

i'll let zach continue to answer this part, since he's the author of
most of the authentication code...

-derek (condor team)