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Re: [Condor-users] counting licenses

At 09:27 PM 5/3/2005, Joshua Kolden wrote:
Thanks, but the problem here is that other jobs not restricted by licenses may have control of these machines when a maya (to use your example) job is submitted. In

Assuming that the license is a "scarce" resource, will you be willing to preempt the job that does not use the license in order to make room for the maya job?

theory the maya job is free to run on another cpu in the queue because licenses are available, however it does not run. This is the problem we are running into now, along with more complex examples with multiple licensed software packages interacting.

What kind of policies would you like to employ when allocating these licences? Do all jobs ask for the same "mix"?



I need to have a dynamic expression in which I can tick off licenses use independently of the cpu I'm running on. Are dynamic expressions like this even possible?