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Re: [Condor-users] Win2k Machine with Fixed Load Average of 1.0

Thanks, Colin. I've done that and can see the load info being dumped to the StartLog but am going to wait for the machine to sit unattended for a while and stabilize its readings.

In a true Heisenberg style, simply reloading Condor with hte new config parameter caused the load to drop to 0.47. Cycling Condor again resulted in a loadavg of 0.30. Reloading the log a couple minutes after the second restart shows a load of only 0.04!

I'll attach a log file later if I anything looks juicy.


Colin Stolley wrote:

Try setting STARTD_DEBUG = D_FULLDEBUG D_LOAD and see what it says. It should dump out the load queue contents and the load totals, which might be interesting.



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