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[Condor-users] Re: Newbie questions



I’ve gotten condor 6.7.6 installed and the collector/negotiator is recognizing all the execute servers, so now I have several site specific configuration questions.  Basically, our environment consists of many multi-processor large memory foot print servers, which run a single CPU/Memory instensive application (one at a time), then continue on to the next. So:

1)       How do I get the machine to report itself as a single processor with access to all memory?  I set NUM_CPUS=1 and that didn’t seem to work.

2)       Several of the servers have non-condor loads of > 1.0, however are still reporting as idle.

3)       Is the format of condor_status configurable?  I’m not interested in ActivityTime but would like to see disk available.

4)       Is it possible to constrain the reported disk to a single filesystem, selectable rather than /

5)       The ClassAd documentation implies that custom properties can be added, where?

6)       Can these custom properties also be shown in condor_status, without using –long?

7)       Is there a parameter for restricting the users allowed to submit jobs?


Thanks for any help


Greg Fossheim