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Re: [Condor-users] Re: Newbie questions

1) How do I get the machine to report itself as a single processor with access to all memory? I set NUM_CPUS=1 and that didn?t seem to work.

Did you do a condor_reconfig after you changed it?

2) Several of the servers have non-condor loads of > 1.0, however are still reporting as idle.

They are considered idle if they are not running a Condor job.

3) Is the format of condor_status configurable? I?m not interested in ActivityTime but would like to see disk available.

Look at the -format option in the condor_status and condor_q descriptions:


Format is better described in the condor_q description, but it works identically for condor_status.

4) Is it possible to constrain the reported disk to a single filesystem, selectable rather than /

Only if you use the hawkeye extensions.

5) The ClassAd documentation implies that custom properties can be added, where?

You can add custom attributes to you job ClassAd in your submit file by doing sonmething like

+Attribute = 30
+Attribute2 = "alain"

A job can have custom attributes by doing two things in the config file:

1) Add the attribute by doing something like:


2) Tell Condor you want them published:


6) Can these custom properties also be shown in condor_status, without using ?long?

If you use -format, yes.