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RE: [Condor-users] Re: Newbie questions



This still doesn't seem to be working.  I added these definitions into the local configuration file and then did a reconfigure, but "condor_status -direct n05 -long" is still showing virtual machines.


The StartLog shows:

Using config file: /opt/condor-6.7.6/etc/condor_config

Using local config files: /opt/condor-6.7.6/local.n05/condor_config.local

DaemonCore: Command Socet at <>

vm1: New machine resource allocated

vm2: New machine resource allocated

vm3: New machine resource allocated

vm4: New machine resource allocated

About to run initial benchmarks




Just in case reconfigure didn’t work, I shut the node down and restarted the daemon but that didn’t help.

What am I missing?


Thanks in advance,

Greg Fossheim





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Alain Roy wrote:


>> 1)       How do I get the machine to report itself as a single

>> processor with access to all memory?  I set NUM_CPUS=1 and that didn’t

>> seem to work.



> Did you do a condor_reconfig after you changed it?


Definitely check that you issued this command, but you can also set the

VIRTUAL_MACHINE parameters as such:



VIRTUAL_MACHINE_TYPE_1 = cpus=2, ram=1/1, swap=1/1, disk=1/1



With this config I made a machine appear as one node with both of its CPUs and

all of its RAM.  To make the node a single CPU machine, simply change 'cups=2'

to 'cups=1'.






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