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Re: [Condor-users] Problems getting condor_startd to run on new x86_64

Specifically, it tries to start, and then bails on an apparent lack of memory (in reality, there's 3GB of RAM). Unfortunately, in my current test, a lot has changed from our current stable setup (ie, this is a new version of Condor, new OS, 64-bit machine), so I'm immediately clueless as to which is the most likely culprit for disaster. From the log:

5/9 08:54:11 ******************************************************
5/9 08:54:11 ** condor_startd (CONDOR_STARTD) STARTING UP
5/9 08:54:11 ** /mnt/pike/gorn/Applications/condor-6.6.9-linux_x86_64/sbin/condor_startd
5/9 08:54:11 ** $CondorVersion: 6.6.9 Mar 10 2005 $
5/9 08:54:11 ** $CondorPlatform: I386-LINUX_RH9 $

are you running this on a 2.6 kernel?

I am. 2.6.19 (or something like that)

There is a problem with the memory and 2.6. Condor can't figure out how much
memory it has with 6.6.x on a 2.6 kernel.

Aha ... well that explains it!

Either you update to 6.7 or you specify the amount of availeable memory in
your local config file.

Super-awesome ... adding "MEMORY = 3072" solved it.

Thanks Philipp!