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[Condor-users] Condor installation for a future Grid environment

Hi Condor Community,
I have a problem and I know how can I solve it in a conceptual view. I'd like to acquire a better understanding - technically speaking. This is the best place to get it. Well, here we go:
I must provide a Grid between 2 real research organizations (with different domains). One has 3 machines and the other 2, all of them with Fedora installed.
The problem is: we must optimize the time that complex queries must run in a bioinformatic application. These queries can be broken in independent parts - so we can deal in a Grid perfectly.
None of these organizations have a scheduler installed. I'd like to use Condor due to mature development with Globus Toolkit. This is a Undergraduation work so I must install/configure this environment as easy as possible (bioinformatic users must be able to configure this Grid in the future, so it's another reason for this).
My doubt is related to how can I use Condor: Should I install both Condor and Condor-G! ? I'd like to keep track of available machines in the Grid, so Condor fits better my needs, but only it'll complete my requirements of keep track of machines and jobs running? Is there any issue regarding this approach? If so, how can I solve that?
Thanks in advance.
              Fabiano Portella

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