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[Condor-users] condor view

i am trying to install de condor view module but i don´t understant very well how to do it.
i have changed the local config file of the manager to work as the condor view server as well. (POOL_HISTORY_DIR=$(LOCAL_DIR)/view  KEEP_POOL_HISTORY=true   VIEW_SERVER= $(SBIN)/condor_collector
first question: now, should i have running two collector daemons on the manager? because, the condor view is another collector daemon, isn´t it???
and in the global config file of the manager i have introduced:
now i have set up the condor view client in a linux machine of the pool and customed the make_stats script.
running ./make_statas setup it created the web pages but with no information.!!
i have see that the manager stores information in the $(sbin)/view directory!!!
what is the problem????
thank you very much!!

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