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Re: [Condor-users] any way to dynamically submit dependent jobs?

On May 12, 2005, White, John K wrote:
[...] i would like to
submit a job A so that it can run while i'm generating a job B. the idea
is that when i'm done generating B, i would submit it under the
condition that it can't start until A finishes (if A is still running).
i am aware of dagman, but as far as i can tell it does not satisfy the
use case as the complete graph must be defined prior to A's submit time.
am i crazy or missing the obvious? any advice is greatly appreciated.


While the structure of the DAG must be defined in advance (e.g., A runs before B), the details of the individual jobs do not have to be settled until the moment they're submitted by DAGMan [*]. So yes, you can submit a DAG where the submit file for job B is almost empty, and job A (or its POST script) can in fact define job B's details.


[*] the one exception is each job's "log" file specification -- that is the one submit file line that must be exist for each job at the time the DAG is started.

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