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[Condor-users] Lazy scheduler ?

Hello Condor friends,

my pool of Condor 6.6.8 linux (SuSE) machines is not doing well :
with the default value for NEGOTIATOR_TIMEOUT (30 sec), only two machines are claimed and busy.
I increased the timeout to 300 sec : now every available nodes are claimed (16 less one pair, perhaps a config problem), but after some successful jobs, the queue seems to freeze.
It is as if the scheduler succeeds once and get stuck later on.

condor_q shows the correct number of running jobs (queue of 5400 jobs)
condor_status indicates that the various nodes are 'claimed' but 'idle',

Only a few jobs were executed this night.
The network/NFS status seems in good state.

I am never sure to have all my nodes claimed and busy, even before upgrading to 6.6.8.

	Do you have any suggestion
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