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Re: [Condor-users] Failed to create cluster?

Thanks, I am now able to see the following in the SchedLog, above the OwnerCheck Failed line:

5/21 01:14:08 OwnerCheck: reject owner: duongduk non-super
5/21 01:14:08 OwnerCheck: username: capfiste, test_owner: duongduk

I'm assuming the username and test_owner are supposed to be the same, but I'm not sure where it's getting username (it's apparently not the USER environment variable).  Is there any way to configure it to skip this check?



Michael Yoder wrote:
From: condor-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx On Behalf Of Chris Miles

I can submit jobs fine under the user who is running the condor
but if I try to submit under any other user I get the following error

ERROR: Failed to create cluster

From: condor-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx On Behalf Of Cathy Pfister

Can anyone tell me what it means when, on running condor_submit, you
the error "Failed to create cluster"?

Popular question.  This is going to sound really obvious, but this error
occurs when condor_submit asks the schedd for a new cluster number, and
fails to get one.  (Where a condor job is numbered cluster.proc:  job
16.0 has a cluster number of 16 and a proc number of 0.)

The hint here is to look in the SchedLog.  (To find the SchedLog, use
'condor_config_val SCHEDD_LOG'.)  Make sure that D_FULLDEBUG is turned
on for your schedd: 'condor_config_val SCHEDD_DEBUG'.  If it isn't,
change SCHEDD_DEBUG to D_FULLDEBUG in your condor config file.  Then

With D_FULLDEBUG on, try again.  Check the SchedLog, and I bet you'll
see something like:

"NewCluser(): OwnerCheck failed\n"

Look just above this error, and tell us what you see.

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