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Re: [Condor-users] Opensourcing the libraries?

A few weeks ago, it was mentioned on this list that
the DRMAA library will be opensourced. I couldn't find
it, may be I am missing something?

No, we hadn't put it out yet. It turns out that while the code is
standalone, all of the build infrastructure still comes from the Condor
src tree.

I also don't have any DRMAA test programs, so I have no idea if this works,
but I wrote a 5-second Makefile, stuck in the needed headers, and tarred it
up. You can get it from:


I'd appreciate knowing if it even works :) (it should be identical to
what we ship on Linux, so it should work the same)

I am about to start a SourceForge project for the further development of the Condor DRMAA library. There are already some contributors, so everybody please contact me directly if you want to join.

At the DRMAA working group, we have some test code available for internal use. I will check whether or not your compilation works.

Erik, do you see any problem with storing and extending the sources in a SourceForge CVS repository ? From my understanding of the Condor license text, this should not be a problem:

"Installation, use, reproduction, display, modification and redistribution of this Software, with or without modification, in source and binary forms, are permitted."

"Redistributions of this Software, with or without modification, must reproduce this Condor Public License..."

So as long as I reproduce the Condor Public license, it is fine ?