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RE: [Condor-users] OwnerCheck: username?

> 5/21 01:14:08 OwnerCheck: reject owner: duongduk non-super
> 5/21 01:14:08 OwnerCheck: username: capfiste, test_owner: duongduk

> Actually the user running condor_submit is the user that showed up as
> "test_owner".  The user listed as "username" is the "owner" of the
> (local home directory).   But I don't know how condor determines this.
> The test_owner, whose home directory is remote and was automounted,
> logged into the "owner's" machine through ssh.  Does condor not allow
> anyone not logged into the console to submit jobs?
> Yes, condor_master was started as root, and the daemons are running as
> root.

Sorry it took awhile to get back to you, Cathy.  

Something fishy is going on.  You say that the condor_master was started
as root, but the lines above can _only_ be printed if the schedd isn't
root and it isn't user condor.

- Precisely how was condor started?  
- Was it a from a setuid script?  
- Is CONDOR_IDS set in your config file?  
- Is ENV_UG_IDS set in the environment that's starting the condor
- What do you see when you do a 'ps -ef | grep condor'?

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