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RE: [Condor-users] OwnerCheck: username?

> I played around with rerunning condor_configure to specify --owner on
> central manager (which already had its daemons running as condor) as
> as the local machine I'm using (where the daemons were running as
> killed the master, changed the groups on some of the files under the
> host directories, and finally got the daemons on the local machines to
> show up as owned by condor.  After that, I was able to submit jobs as
> user.
> I'm still not sure exactly what happened, or what changed, but it
looks OK
> now.

I'm glad it's working, but I was hoping to find out what went awry.  Ah

> Btw, when I run condor_configure, it will fail unless I specify
> (which I set to condor).  I thought this was supposed to default to
> when run as root unless a condor user didn't exist on the local
> in which case you  would be required to specify --owner.   Am I wrong?

condor_configure is a perl script, so you can snoop around in there.
How is it failing?  It looks like the perl is written to do what you
say.  Is getpwnam() failing?

> I noticed that if I remove the setting of CONDOR_IDS, then when I
> condor_master as root, none of the daemons start at all, although the
> master starts as condor.  I can only get the daemons to start if I
> explicitly set CONDOR_IDS to condor (which I thought it should also
> default to).

That's very strange.  You shouldn't have to set CONDOR_IDS.  I think
something is not right with your usernames/authentication.  What do you
use?  /etc/passwd?  NIS?

> Also, I cannot get condor_off -master (or any condor_off call) to
> It says it sent the kill to the master, but no daemons are ever
killed.  I
> can only kill them by running kill directly.  This is the case whether
> daemons are running as root or as condor.  Any idea why?

This could be a permissions problem.  Is the machine you're doing the
condor_off from in the list specified by HOSTALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR?  Also,
a message to this effect ought to appear in the master's log file.
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