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Re: [Condor-users] Condor-g : Errorno 111

On Fri May 27 2005 7:57 am, Vineet Chadha wrote:
> Hi all,

> I have been trying to configure condor-g for a project. I have
> installed condor with SUBMIT only option. It means I should get only
> condor_schedd and condor_master started when i run the command
> condor_master. Checking the master log I get following errors : ( LOG
> My questions is that since I have installed condor with submit only
> option, why its trying to contact collector at port 9618.
> Also, I don't want to create a user "condor" for my project.  how to
> get rid of passwd_cache
> error message. I have updated the config file with  user with  admin
> access ( removed condor and added my own user ).

Let's start from the top.  *All* Condor pools, including pools of a single 
submit-only machine (such as yours) require a central manager -- a Condor 
Collector and Negotiator.  Without them, nothing else is functional.

That being said, there's nothing inherently special about the central manager 
machine -- in the case of your machine, you just need to start the collector 
and negotiator by adding them to the DAEMON_LIST, and make sure that 
COLLECTOR_HOST points at them properly.

It also seems likely from your discussion that you've got some user confusion 
going on.  If I understand your post correctly, this will be a single user 
pool, right (just a single submitter -- you).  Normally, you can setup a 
"personal Condor" which runs as just your normal user, and it'll talk to 
itself quite happily.

With Condor-G, however, I think that Condor needs to run as root so that it 
can read your host credential -- if it can't, Globus won't talk to it.  And, 
to do this, Condor needs a mortal user to do 99% of it's operation with, by 
default "condor".  The piece you're probably missing is CONDOR_IDS.  
Basically, you set CONDOR_IDS=<uid>.<gid> .  For example:
will cause Condor to run with UID=666 and GID=1666.

Hope this helps


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