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[Condor-users] Simulating while loops in DAGMan


I'm trying to execute a job repeatedly until some convergence
criterion is met.  I realise I can't have any loops so I'm trying to
work around by using the RETRY function i.e. my DAG is:

JOB iteration condor/while_body.submit
RETRY iteration 1000 UNLESS-EXIT 2
SCRIPT POST iteration condor/scripts/loop_condition.pl

- while_body.submit is the body of the loop and I've made it always
exit with status 1.
- loop_condition.pl will exit with status 2 if we should terminate the
loop, 0 otherwise.
- I'm happy that the loop will stop after 1000 iterations no matter
what (hopefully it won't get that far!)

If that can work, I'd like to replace the body with a DAG i.e. an
inner DAG produced by "condor_submit_dag -no_submit".
FYI, I've got a solution for for loops, I just need while loops!

Thanks in advance,


Partha Lal
PhD Student
CSTR, University of Edinburgh