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Re: [Condor-users] upgrading a condor installation

Hi Graeme

Steps are:

1. condor_status -master -format "%s\n" MasterIpAddr > addresses
2. condor_off -all

At this point only condor_master will be running on all the machine. You can check by doing
condor_status ---> should show no output
condor_status -master ---> it should show all the machines.

3.Put the following setting in your global config file:
        START_DAEMONS = False
4. Now install all the new binaries in the same release folder. (simply untar the release and place newbin/*.* to oldbin/*.* and so on..........

5. now on the central manger do

condor_restart ----> this will make new master binary in effect.
and then do
condor_on ------> to start all the other binaries on the central manager

6. Wait for 5 minutes and then do
condor_status -master -----> It should list all the machines.

7. Remove the special setting from your global config file.( which we did in step 3)

8. condor_status -master -format "%s\n" MasterIpAddr > addresses

9. condor_on `cat addresses`

Cheers you are up with new condor binaries including the master binary also.

Prashant Lal <lalp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cadence Design Systems

On Wed, 2005-10-05 at 10:29 -0400, Graeme Lufkin wrote:
The condor docs have a section about how to shut down and restart your condor pool when you upgrade, but I can't find how to do said upgrade.  The condor_install and condor_configure scripts aren't clear, although condor_configure mentions something about upgrading an existing installation.  Can I just untar release.tar over my old installation, keeping the config files and host-specific directories?  Or do I need to do something else?

    -- Graeme
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