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[Condor-users] 6.7.12 gridmanager crash

With 6.7.12 I`m seeing frequent crashes of the gridmanager.

10/6 09:52:48 [27842] ERROR "BaseJob::DoneWithJob called with unexpected 
state IDLE (1)
" at line 269 in file basejob.C

This is for gt2 jobs to LCG CE's. Some jobs have finished succesfully and 
I haven`t managed to tie the problem down yet. The symptom is so clear I 
thought I`d ask first.
Quill works very nicely, which is the reason for upgrading. 
Is there some way to rollback just the gridmanager for now? When I tried 
replacing the gridmanager and gahpserver binaries for older ones I got
HoldReason = "GlobusResource is not set in the job ad"


Rod Walker +1 6042913051