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Re: [Condor-users] How to submit special arguments with condor_q

On Oct 6, 2005, at 2:32 PM, Alexander Dietz wrote:

Jaime Frey wrote:
On Oct 6, 2005, at 12:34 PM, Alexander Dietz wrote:

I want to run a job, submitted with condor_submit, on a PBS
cluster. How
is it possible to specify some special settings for the PBS script
will be executed at the remote site? I looked in the condor
documentation but did not find any helpful hints.

Here is exactly what should be added in the PBS script:
#PBS -l walltime=1:00:00

Is the job being submitted through Globus to PBS?

Yes, the job is submitted with condor_q to a PBS cluster.

I assume you mean Condor-G. :-)

You can do this by adding the following to your submit file (the value is in minutes):

globus_rsl = (max_wall_time=60)

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