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Re: [Condor-users] Jobs retuning blank output

I logged into one of the other machines (node1) with ssh and executed the console app... executed perfectly.
I then added the requirement Machine = "node1" which it wouldnt accept so I then changed it to Machine = "node1.cluster.int" which
it did accept.
The same empty files were returned.
>>  I've gone through all the log files. I dont think there is any problem as far as condor is concerned. Logs are pretty mch ok. Since still you are not gettin any output, i have few suggestion 4 u.
>>a) Run the console application "console_som" on any of the X86_64 machine from command prompt(Either do "ssh" to it from ny of d remote m/c or on dat console itself ).
>>b) If (a) results positive, means its being executed with some prints on screen(bcoz of "echo" or "printf"), Run the same from condor, but this time submit it from the same X86_64 machine you want to >>execute on. You can tell condor to run the executable on same m/c by setting "Machine" variable in requirements to hostname. This is just to ensure that problem is not of condor and its to do with some >>environment settings.
>>c) if in (b), you are getting outputs, you are done. Then you will have  to see the environment part.
>>Above are few tricks to narrow down the problem. Hope this time, we wud b mch closer 2 exact root of d prob.

>I have compiled my own console application (no additional libraries or anything)
>and here is the submission file I am now using.
>executable = console_som
>universe = vanilla
>should_transfer_files = YES
>when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
>requirements = (Arch == "X86_64") && (OpSys == "LINUX")
>output  = process_$(Process).out
>error = error.log
>log = master.log
>Queue 5