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[Condor-users] Easy Tutorial

I am completly new to clustering.  I've read through much of the condor users and admin manuals, but there is a HUGE amount of information.  I have managed to get the basic condor install done on several machines, and it seems to work fine with the examples.
My question is: Now what?  :)  Is there some kind of reference/tutorial/book (Condor for Dummies?) that can help me customize my install for my needs?  Essentially, I plan on having lots of computers in the pool with each possibly having 1 of 3 different programs on them.  How do I identify the computers with a certain program on it, so I can then write a script to submit a job on those computers with the software?
For instance, Fluent is one of the programs I would like to know is on a computer in the pool.  The program is usually located in the "c:\Fluent.Inc\ntbin\ntx86" directory.  How would I make a submit file that would identify those machines with fluent on them?
Thanks in advance for any help.
John Alberts
Technical Assistant for EMS
Purdue University Calumet