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Re: [Condor-users] job goes held

On Oct 12, 2005, at 3:30 PM, Ariff wrote:

i am extremely new to condor usage. whenever i submit
my job through condor_submit, job first goes to idle
status, and then goes held. i am finding it difficult
to figure out where the problem really lies.
-- This is the log details for the last job

000 (044.000.000) 10/12 12:53:30 Job submitted from host: <> ... 018 (044.000.000) 10/12 12:53:33 Globus job submission failed! Reason: 7 authentication failed: GSS Major Status: Unexpected Gatekeeper or Service Name GSS Minor Status Error Chain: init.c:499: globus_gss_assist_init_sec_context_async: Error during context initialization

The Globus gatekeeper is using a certificate whose subject is different than the expected one. You should see this same error if you try submitting a job with globusrun or globus-job-run. What value are you using for globus_scheduler in your submit file? What credential is the gatekeeper using? Is it a personal gatekeeper?

one more thing, whenever i issue condor_status
it results in the following output

[arif@Cern1-8 scratch]$ condor_status
Error:  Could not fetch ads --- can't find collector

while this daemon is specified in the config file.

Is the collector listed in DAEMON_LIST in your Condor config file? Is there a condor_collector process running on your machine?

Unless you wan to use match-making or glide-in for your Condor-G jobs, condor_status is useless and you really don't need a collector running.

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