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[Condor-users] starter failed to connect to collector


I have a few machines in a 30 node winXP pool that refuse to start jobs.
I see these in the starter log:

10/14 14:59:38 vm2: Received match <>#4441711918
10/14 14:59:38 vm2: State change: match notification protocol successful
10/14 14:59:38 vm2: Changing state: Unclaimed -> Matched
10/14 15:01:38 vm2: State change: match timed out
10/14 15:01:38 vm2: Changing state: Matched -> Owner
10/14 15:01:38 vm2: State change: IS_OWNER is false
10/14 15:01:38 vm2: Changing state: Owner -> Unclaimed
10/14 15:04:50 DaemonCore: Command received via TCP from host
10/14 15:04:50 DaemonCore: received command 442 (REQUEST_CLAIM), calling
handler (command_request_claim)
10/14 15:04:50 Error: can't find resource with capability

and also (after reboot):
10/14 16:32:17 Error sending update to the collector : Failed to connect
to collector  
10/14 16:32:17 vm2: Error sending update to collector(s)
10/14 16:34:18 bind failed: WSAError = 10049

Any suggestions where to start? wipedisk? (its been a long day...)


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