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[Condor-users] Install a checkpoint server : missing binaries ?


1 - I want to setup a checkpoint server, (at the moment, I'm using condor 6.7.10), so following the manual, I should have the following files : 

The point is, I'm missing this one :   sbin/condor_cleanckpts : is it important ? (well, I read that, if all works fine, it seems not to be useful, but... Will it run fine ???) Where could I find it ?

2 - Oh, and by the way, the 6.7.12 version has just been released, and according to the news, I'm "urged" to upgrade (Well, I'll might do it if the missing binary can be found there) : What is the  procedure in this case ? Delete all,and install again ? Are my config files still OK  ? (Maybe should I play with "diff"...)

Thanks for the help

PS : Wouldn't it be easier to have a forum, rather than a mailinglist ? For beginners like me and my stupid questions, I suppose it's easier for anyone to ask and answer.... Well : only my 2 cents contribution...

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