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Re: [Condor-users] Install a checkpoint server : missing binaries ?

On 10/14/05, Nicolas GUIOT <nicolas.guiot@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> 2 - Oh, and by the way, the 6.7.12 version has just been released, and according > to the news, I'm "urged" to upgrade (Well, I'll might do it if the missing binary can > be found there) : What is the  procedure in this case ? Delete all,and install
> again ? Are my config files still OK  ? (Maybe should I play with "diff"...)

replacing the binaries and restarting is normally sufficient - diffing
your original config file from install X with the new one in install Y
shows any new default variables you may wish to add...

> PS : Wouldn't it be easier to have a forum, rather than a mailinglist ? For
> beginners like me and my stupid questions, I suppose it's easier for anyone to
> ask and answer.... Well : only my 2 cents contribution...

IMO A mailing list tends to have a considerably higher signal to noise
ratio as well as allowing the user the choice of reader/editor/archive

Not to mention message digests.