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[Condor-users] Still Problem Submitting Job

Title: How did I get zombies?
I know that I have missed somthing simple, but I have not been able to find why this is happening with the log file when I submit one of the example programs as a standard user.  This user has full rights to create files on the system, but since the processes are supposed to run as root I don't understand why it gets the permission denied on the log file.
[broughtons@condor1 ~]$ ps -ef | egrep condor_
daemon    3454     1  0 Oct05 ?        01:11:39 condor_master -f
daemon    3314  3454  0 Oct08 ?        00:01:02 condor_collector -f
daemon    3315  3454  0 Oct08 ?        00:00:36 condor_negotiator -f
daemon    3317  3454  0 Oct08 ?        00:00:12 condor_schedd -f
daemon    3320  3454  0 Oct08 ?        00:06:51 condor_startd -f
500       1572  1552  0 18:47 pts/1    00:00:00 egrep condor_
[broughtons@condor1 examples]$ ls
dagman         fstream.C       loop.cmd        reader.cmd     registers.cmd
env.C          fstream.cmd     loop.remote     reader.f       registers.remote
env.cmd        fstream.remote  Makefile        reader.in      sh_loop
env.remote     io.c            printer.cmd     reader.remote  sh_loop.cmd
fortIO.cmd     io.cmd          printer.f       README         submit
fortIO.f       io.remote       printer.remote  README~
fortIO.remote  loop.c          PVM             registers.c
[broughtons@condor1 examples]$ condor_submit io.cmd
Submitting job(s)
WARNING: Invalid log file: "/condor/examples/io.log" (Permission denied)
Thanks for any Help
Stephen Broughton