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Re: [Condor-users] no condor drmaa library for windows

Dear Peter,

If this is just porting and testing we may help under your control ;-). Our group is currently
finishing a Torque DRMAA implementation and we would like to have DRMAA available
on a large number of systems

What is the philosophy fo Windows - MS Tools or Mingw ?


Peter Troeger a écrit :

Dear Neeraj,

I am currently working on the next version of the DRMAA library for Condor. As discussed and agreed upon by the Condor people, the source code is hosted in an own Sourceforge project:


I plan a release (all DRMAA features implemented) in the next few weeks. Hopefully this code will then be backported to the next Condor version. The Windows library is on the agenda after this first release. It should not be a big issue, since the code is mostly already prepared to be compiled under Windows.

If you have time left for the Windows port, I would be really happy to have you on-board in the Sourceforge project. If not, you need to be patient ;-) ...

Peter Tröger.

Hi all,
I have recently upgraded my condor pool to 6.7.12, the recently released one. Since this version supports drmaa, i tired couple of programs with it. But there is one problem. Condor has not released drmaa library for windows platform. So i am not able to submit jobs via drmaa from windows machine. Could someone suggest me alternate location from where i can get drmaa for windows, or the source code of it, which i can compile to library?


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