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Re: [Condor-users] Java Universe

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I guess I didn’t express clearly. The wrapper itself should be a JAVA class file – only difference is that it isn’t in a package. It will first set up things before it executes the core classes.


Even if we set the executable as com.all.aasr…F.class won’t work, since the executable should be in proper directory structure which isn’t possible with condor.


Like one of the users had replied, using jar will be a good option.


However if some input is expected in a particular subdirectory (eg, config.xml for a java app XYZ might be expected in ./config/config.xml) then I am not too sure as to how it can be done without a proper wrapper java job.



Dheepak Ra

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Zipping the files and executing wrapper script means you need to submit your job not in the JAVA universe, but rather in VANILLA. It will usually be no problem, unless you do not have java installed on all your cluster machines.



Maybe just try to set as executable name com.all.aasr...F.class.

This is just the same as with regular Java, has nothing to do with Condor.






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Try zipping up the class file along with the folder structure. Then write a wrapper which will now become the executable. The files to be transferred will be the wrapper code (ie executable) and the zip file (which contains F.class with directory info).


Let the condor schedule the job on some node and in the execution node the wrapper can first unzip the file (which would recreate the directory structure with F.class inside com\all\aasr. After that it can start the F class file for execution.



Dheepak Ra

High Performance Computing Division

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I like to run a Java job with Condor. The my executable aplication - F.class - not in Unnamed Packages,  but in the com.all.aasr.... package. When I submit my job to the Condor, the condor_submit command send to me an error message:  ERROR: failed to transfer executable file F.class. But if  my F.class is in Unnamed Packages, than condor_submit command don't send error message for me. What can I do for, if I like to put my executable in any package?



best regard of


Gyozo Karsai



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